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These courses have been designed and used to teach General Pharmacology And Therapeutics to Dental Hygiene students in two and three credit versions. Dr. Wynn has had great success from teaching these courses and the students enjoyed the self-paced format. Even though the courses were designed to be used online and are copyrighted, your students and faculty may print them out for personal use. This course is available for evaluation at and authored and designed by Dr. Richard L Wynn. If you would like to preview these courses please email us at or call 410-486-3914.
Pharmacology is the study of drugs and their use in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease and the prevention of pregnancy. Therapeutics is the applied aspect of pharmacology that is concerned with the use of drugs in the treatment and prevention of disease. This course (available in 2 or 3 credit versions) places emphasis on the pharmacology of drugs used in the dental office or prescribed as part of the treatment plan. Emphasis is also placed on the general effects of medications on dental treatment. Electronic Course This course is offered on the Internet. Except for the examinations which are given as proctored tests in the classroom, this course may taken entirely on line. Classroom time may be used to answer questions about the material.

Course Objectives

  • General principles of drug action relative to drug absorption, metabolism and excretion
  • The pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system
  • The therapeutic use of dental drugs in the context of treatment plans
  • The mechanisms, actions and indications of drugs which the medically compromised patients may be taking
  • Important dental drug interactions relative to providing optimal patient care
  • New dental drugs will be presented to the student’s in the “What’s New” section of the site.

Lesson Units and Lesson Objectives

As a part of this package, Dr. Wynn will provide the following resource services:

  1. Recognizing that pharmacology is a dynamic science which is constantly changing, Dr. Wynn will update the course content, examinations questions and other course materials each year.
  2. Provide consultation on any aspect of course administration and course delivery to instructors via E-mail and telephone.
  3. Be available to answer any questions related to pharmacology content via E-mail or telephone.
  4. Provide original examination questions or “suggested sample tests” to the course instructor.
  5. Clarify any material that is not clear to the instructor.
  6. Provide a complimentary copy of the most recent edition of the Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry to the course instructor.
  7. Help in any customization of course design that may be required by the instructor.
  8. Keep information current with the “What’s New” section, posting new drug information as released.

The prices for these courses are as follows:

  • 2 credit version $999 per semester
  • 3 credit version $1,499 per semester

Required Text

Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry, current edition. Authors: Wynn RL, Meiller TF, Crossley HL. Publisher: Lexi-Comp, Inc. Hudson (Cleveland) Ohio.


Richard L. Wynn, Ph.D. is a Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in Baltimore. He received the BS, MS and PhD degrees from the University of Maryland at Baltimore. He also has a degree in pharmacy and is a registered pharmacist in Maryland. He is a consultant to the American Dental Association, a former consultant to the Council on Dental Education, Commission on Accreditation and a consultant to the U.S.Pharmacopeia, Dental Drugs and Products section. He teaches pharmacology and biochemistry to dental, dental hygiene and post-graduate students. He is a featured columnist for the Academy of General Dentistry and his drug review articles are featured in each issue of the journal General Dentistry. He is the lead author of the best selling chairside drug reference book entitled Drug Information Handbook for Dentistry now in its 10th edition. He has authored and published over 300 peer reviewed scientific articles and has given over 400 continuing education refresher courses to dental professionals in the US, North America and Europe. His research laboratories have contributed to the development of new pain control agents and new delivery systems for those agents. HomeAbout UsDental HygieneContinuing Education
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